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  • Introduction and advantages of 钢结构建筑
    • 2021-04-29

    Steel structure engineering is a structure mainly made of steel, and it is one of the main building structure types in modern construction engineering.The structure is mainly composed of steel beams, 钢柱, and other components made of section steel and steel plates. The components or parts are usually connected by welds, bolts or rivets.Because the steel structure has lighter weight and s...

  • Pre-engineered 钢结构建筑
    • 2021-07-01

    Steel structure buildings are the most widely used construction system in the world. When you wanna build a logistics and storage warehouse, 工业生产车间, 或者农业,家禽养殖, the steel structure is a good choice. The 钢结构建筑 have many advantages and can meet people’s requirements more than traditional concrete buildings. 一方面,金属建筑...

  • Steel structure project package and loading
    • 2021-09-29

    After the production of each steel structure project is completed, we will organize the delivery of the product as soon as possible, so that our customers can receive the product as soon as possible. Do you think everything will be fine after the project is completed? 当然不是. Packing, boxing, and transportation of goods are equally important. Only by doing the best in every aspect, customer...

  • Main composition and frame type of steel structure
    • 2021-10-22

    Steel structure project is a structure mainly made of steel structures, and is one of the main types of building structures in modern construction engineering. The structure is mainly composed of steel beams, 钢柱, and other components made of section steel and steel plates. The components are usually connected by welding, bolts, or rivets. Because of its light weight and easy constructio...

  • How to design the animal breeding shed
    • 2021-12-07

    The breeding shed is also called warm shed breeding, which refers to the open or semi-open livestock and poultry pens covered with a layer of plastic film in the cold season to make full use of the heat generated by the solar energy and the livestock and poultry itself to increase the temperature in the house. Reduce heat energy loss, reduce maintenance needs, and improve livestock and poultry pro...

  • Why choose the multi-span greenhouse?
    • 2021-12-21

    The multi-span greenhouse is a kind of economical greenhouse, which is popular with users for its beautiful arc shape and low cost. The curved roof is beautiful and generous, and the sight is smooth. The structural steel consumption is small, and the heat preservation performance is good. It has a relatively low manufacturing cost, 是一种经济温室, and has a wide range of applications....

  • Issues to consider when building a greenhouse
    • 2022-02-11
    Issues to consider when building a greenhouse

    Steel structure greenhouse is a structure used for plant cultivation. It has the functions of cold protection, heat preservation, and good light transmission. It is often used for off-season vegetable cultivation, flower and forest cultivation or seedling raising, 生态餐厅, 无土栽培, aquaponics”, and other new agricultural production. What should we pay attention to when bu...

  • 更喜欢钢鸡舍项目
    • 2022-03-02

    Poultry house is a type of buildings to protect chickens (broilers and layers) from bad weathers and provide the chickens living space with feeding system, 饮用水系统, 废物清洗等设备. Chicken farm owners shall have a clear idea of how many chickens to raise and what kind of chicken to raise before planning the layout of the poultry house. 考虑一个...

  • 菲律宾 Steel Structure Project
    • 2022-05-27

    The 菲律宾 has been our main foreign market since our company started international trade. Our company has nearly 20 years of experience in the production and export of steel structures, and our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions. The 菲律宾 is a relatively close country to us. Over the years, there have been many of our steel structure projects there, and we hav...

  • 菲律宾 steel structure office building
    • 2022-06-02

    Steel structures have long been very common as commercial buildings such as warehouses and factories. In addition, the steel structure can also be used as an office building. 最近, our 3-story steel structure office building project in the 菲律宾 has completed production, and the packaging and delivery tasks of the project have been completed around the Children's Day. 维度:28.36m ...

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